How to recover deleted files/folders from Laptop, computer

In this article we are going to learn How to recover deleted files/folders from Laptop, computer using free data recovery software. If you have deleted an essential file, it should appear initially that it’s gone forever. But if you do something quickly to recover that file, then you will be able to restore deleted files to its place on your hard drive. Before process further just check out once that the files actually been deleted from your computer. Sometimes the files could be moved from one place to another. You need to search the hard drive for missing files. Follow this guide to recover deleted files/folders in your computer.

Recover deleted/lost files from windows using the Backup and Previous versions

If you lost a file on your laptop/computer or you accidentally changed/modified or deleted a file, then you will be able to restore it from a backup (Windows backup) otherwise you can try and restore it from a previous version (shadow copies). In Previous version’s files and folders will be automatically saved and it is a part of restore point.

Restore deleted files from BACKUP

To recover deleted files/folders from backup follow these steps

restore deleted files from back up

1) Click on start button -> control panel -> system and maintenance -> Backup and restore

2) Then click on Restore my files

Restore deleted files from Previous versions

To restore/recover deleted files/folders or folders from Previous versions follow these steps

restore deleted files using restore point

1) To open computer, click on Start button -> Computer

2) Right-click on the folder or drive in which deleted file was stored and then click on Restore previous versions.

3) Now you will see the available previous versions, double click on it and save it in another location.

( Tip- If your file or folder was deleted on today, so select previous version from yesterday.)

Check Trash/Recycle bin for file/folder to restore.

recover deleted files from recycle bin

If you are using Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows and If you will delete any file or folder from the computer, then it will hold by Trash/Recycle bin. Trash / Recycle bin give you the chance to restore deleted files to its original location. To restore them from Trash/Recycle bin, open Trash/Recycle bin and right click on the file which you want to restore.

(Tip- In some cases, large files will delete permanently)

Recover deleted files/folders using free data recovery software.

If your deleted files will not find in the Trash/Recycle bin, at that time stop making any changes in your computer eg.-Save or delete any files. When a file is deleted from the computer, then it will be overwritten by any new data. If the file is not overwritten by new data, then your chances of recovering files are much higher. In market there is so much great free data recovery software available. Following are some nice free data recovery software.

Undelete Plus





PC Inspector File Recovery

(Tip- Some software needs to run as administrator for that just right click on the executable file and click on Run as Administrator)

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Using any above free data recovery software you can recover deleted files/Folder from your computer. From above list Undelete plus is very easy to use and user friendly software. It has advanced filtering option, which helps you to recover exact files from the huge deleted files. Restoratation and PC Inspector File Recovery is also a good option to recover deleted files/folder from your computer. The best thing of Restoratation is it is portable.

How to recover deleted files/folder using free data recovery software.

free data recovery software Undelete plus

Using any above listed free data recovery software you can easily recover deleted files/folder from Laptop, computer. The process to find deleted files/folders from your computer is almost same for all above free data recovery software. Just scan the drive or folder in which your deleted file was stored. Once the scan is over, you will see an enormous list of file names. Typically, most of those files are nothing over system files that your OS has created within the course of basic operation, and you will not have to be compelled to worry concerning them. You are simply probing for the file type and name that matches what you have got lost. Once you discover what you are looking for, then just save it to wherever you want. If still deleted file/folder will not be set up, then try different free data recovery software.

Recover lost photos using memory card recovery software.

memory card recovery softwareIf you want to recover lost photos from corrupt memory card from your mobile or digital camera. Using above free data recovery software’s you can recover those photos. For that you need to just insert damage or corrupt memory card into your computers card reader or plug in your camera using a USB cable to your computer and then open/run any above free data recovery software and search respective drive for lost photos. If you want to get special image recovery software then there is one nice software, which is Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery, which is focused on only image recovery.

How to recover data from Scratched/corrupted CDs and DVDs.

If your data have been lost because of Scratched/corrupted CDs and DVDs then don’t worry. We have a solution for this you recover data from CDs and DVDsneed to download freeware software called CD Recovery Toolbox. This software is specialized  in reading the scratched portion of CDs and DVDs and grab as much data from it. There is also another but 30-day trial version software which is CDCheck is also very effective and nice software.

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I hope you liked our post on How to recover deleted files/folders from Laptop, computer. If you are facing any problem then please let us know in below comment

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