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Sometimes you will face some problem with internet connection, whether you are in a village or on a plane as such places you can’t access internet, life sometimes brings all of us to places where internet, 3g, broadband can not reach. With a small preparation, you will be able to have the entire webinfo you wish on your hard drive of the personal computer. If you use some tools for download website then you will be able to browse this downloaded website offline. You can download website, download single page whatever you want. The time taken to download website is totally depending upon the size of the website contains. Like you want to download a copy of Wikipedia it will take days to complete and can take up lots of your hard drive space once, it will complete or if you simply wish to download a simple site like a blog website then it is very easy and quick process.

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Now I am going to tell you 3 different methods for How to download website. Out of three one method is for converting entire website into eBook format.

Internet Download Manager is incredibly helpful software package for each web user. It is user friendly and straightforward to control. But today I am going to discuss an extra helpful feature of IDM. Using IDM we can download whole website for offline use.

HTTrack is use to download entire website with media files and outside link. You can run this application on Linux and Windows OS only. We can say that HTTrack is a offline browser, it is very user friendly.

Calibre is a best software for converting entire website into eBook format. That means you’ll browse your favorite news articles or blogs on much any eBook reader. if all you’re searching for may be a good way to convert your favorite websites for offline reading, Calibre’s got an excellent in-built reader for your PC.

Follow the steps for How to download website using IDM

To download IDM from official website Click here


First install and open IDM and then click on GRABBER

IDM grabber


Write your grabber project name e.g Technetpal. Now write the name of website which you want to download e.g Choose template from the whole website or complete start page with all picture , styles and scripts for offline browsing and Then click on Next

select template


Now choose the folder in which you want to save downloaded website Then click on Next

choose the folder


Now check on explore the whole website and ignore popup window then click on Next

ignore popup window


Now again click on Next and immediately your downloading will be start. Now you will see the downloading process just Wait for until your download is not finished and then enjoy with offline browsing

start downloading

download process

Follow the steps for How to download website using HTTrack

To download HTTrack from official website Click here


Click on Next to start new project

start new project


Write project name e.g Technetpal and project catagory

project catagory


Now enter website address and choose action

enter web address


Click on finish

click on finish


Now you will see downloading all website files after complete with downloading just click on finish and enjoy with offline browsing

downloading website files

Follow the steps for How to download website using Calibre

To download Calibre from official website Click here


First install and open Calibre then just click on fetch news

click on fetch news


Now choose the language and country e.g English (UK), and then you will see all major magazines and daily news paper, then select which news paper or magazine you want to read offline e.g BBC news

choose language and country


Now just double click on BBC news and you will get BBC news ebook and you can read it offline

bbc download

bbc ebook

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Using above methods you can download entire website into your computer/laptop.

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