My Idea For Perfect Yatra/Vacation

Vacations are the long awaited part of our life. From day to day routine, we really need a chilling break to live our life. I would love to spend my whole vacations in travelling only. Nothing is more exciting than travelling. I don’t understand how people get tired of travelling when there is so much fun. For me, Traveling doesn’t mean to travel it also means to live..

It’s my biggest dream to travel the whole world. So that I will have a lot of stories to share with everyone. A world is full of travelling spots with variations of atmosphere, food, culture, shopping destinations, historic places. Everyone should visit such a place once in a life. Travelling doesn’t only need the physical you, but your emotional, curious mind too, so that you can observe the things and live it.

But I got a company of friends who are not much interested in travelling. Everytime they spoil the plan. Or our nearest destinations are Theur, Lonavla, Sinhgad a day return journey. So many times we planned for a tour of a week, but don’t know when it will be in real. I think, for travelling you should have a company of someone like you. Otherwise, you will end up with a boring tour with lots of things remained to do that you were wishing.

My idea of a perfect vacation is far different. I would love to cover the most amazing places in the world, including sea, beaches, natural beauty, waterfalls, historic places, nightlife, just like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Most probably I would like to start my first journey from Mumbai to London Flights . I believe in the pre planned trip for a week with my friends.

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The first thing I will do for my vacation will be selection of a place, according to current climate at that time. Then I will look forward for the mode of transport. Usually I will prefer flight for a long distance-travelling, rather than any other airlines I would like to book my tickets with Emirates Airlines , train for a distance of about 15 hrs or if the distance is less than I will prefer my own car.

The most important thing is the pre-booking of hotels. Hotels also add good memories to our trip. I will select a hotel with an AC suit that should be having amenities like power backup, cleanliness, swimming pool, and the best view from my room. If I am going to any place, then I should have an idea about the nearby places, spots that I can travel in that duration. For that I will make quick search and will assign time schedule so that I can cover up almost places. After all, I will not be there often. Trying a different cuisine is one of the best parts of travelling.

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The later remains the bag packing which is the tough work for me. I will also keep in mind to pack medicines with me in case of any emergency. No matter where I am going I will relive. I will cover almost all places clicking pictures, videos. So that I can upload that videos on my you tube channel. I will try whatever activities will be there. Travelling will not be complete without any adventour. I would love to interact with the people living there and knowing about them, their custom and culture. Every place has its own some specialities we just need to feel it.

Last but not the least Shopping. At every place there is something special for shopping. I will shop for my family and for myself. Those things will always remind me of the place.

Here’s my perfect vacation. A vacation that refreshes me, recharge me, and gives me a pleasure. A lot of good memories, new friends, new pics and videos for lifetime. After such a vacation, I can start my work with a refreshed mind.


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