Top 10 Social Media Management Tools – 2014

In this article we are going to discuss various social media management tools. Now a days social media management is tremendously helpful to grow business as well to reach social media audience easily. Building social media strategy benefits you in two ways, first it gives direct access of communication between Organization and followers/Employees. Secondly this helps to promote product and services. While building social media strategy we must have good knowledge of Followers and their tendency.

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Below mentioned are the top social media management tools.

Hootsuit social media management tool

Hootsuit social media manager

In social media monitoring Hootsuit gives extra advantage of bunching together accounts Facebook, twitter, Foursquare, linkedin and google+ . Main Advantage of using Hootsuit is sorting fan responses/behavior and giving your team members upper hand for communication with valuable followers. Only disadvantage being with Hootsuit is Image previews.

Hootsuit social media tool


Hootsuit social media management tool is available free of cost for maximum 5 profiles up to 2 RSS. After that it charges 8.99$ per month for maximum 100 profiles and 9 team members with facilities like advance scheduling of messages and much more.

Sprout Social media management tool

Sprout social media management tool is also helpful like Hootsuit for managing and monitoring social accounts for social media strategy building. User interface provided by Sprout social is very good compared to other. It is having Six number of tabs in Menu bar like HOME, MESSAGES,FEED,PUBLISHING,DISCOVERY and REPORTS. Sprout social facilitates us with advance update scheduling. we can combine linkedin and twitter accounts and pages from facebook,google+. There is plenty much scope available for sprout social to improve, like regarding combine more accounts at a time.

Sprout  social media monitoring-


Sprout social charges $39/user/month for 10 profiles

Likewise it charges $59/user/month for 20 profiles

And similarly $99/user/month for 50 profiles

As the cost increases you will get more and more benefits like Helpdesk,google analytic integration,delux reporting,custom interfacing and viralpost time optimization.

Tweet Deck social media management tool

Tweet Deck social media strategy


If you are considering all views of twitter account under one roof for twitter management then Tweet Deck can definitely beneficial. Tweet Deck is one of the social media management tool which is available free of cost. in this social media management tool you can optimize view of pages by adding or removing different columns. The disadvantage of Tweet Deck is that it only allows you to manage only one account. But again viewing customized pages in one screen is a great deal and that too for Free of Cost.

Everypost social media management tool

Every Post social media strategy


Everypost is a mobile app for social media management. If you want to save more time in social media management tool then here it is. Everypost give you opportunity to post your various data like status,images,videos simultaneously that too across all the social media accounts in one go. It is having inbuilt feature like shortening status/tweet for twitter, as there is a limit of 140 characters. Though there will be some grammatical errors but we can easily sort that out. Everypost is available free of cost.

Crowdbooster social media management tool

Crowdbooster social media manager


For building social media strategy crowd booster gives vital data for analysing. With this you can identify the behaviour of followers. crowdbooster mainly analyses feeds from facebook and twitter.The extra achivement of crowdbooster is, it gives alerts of newly joined members on twitter who may be having same interest as yours. Crowdbooster is a good tool for social media management but sadly it is not available free of cost. it charges $9 for the data of 50000 followers at a time.

Buffer social media management tool

Buffer social media monitoring tool


This social strategy builder tool is having numerous extensions from Firefox and crome and other browsers like safari. If you don’t have plenty of time and resource for social media management then buffer is very effective tool for you. As like many other tools this also allows sharing of content on various accounts simultaneously. The disadvantage being with buffer is you can’t monitor all the discussions.

It is available for free for 2 profiles.

After it charges $10 per month for 12 profiles and unlimited updates.

Postling social media management tool

Postling social media monitoring


Postling is very beneficial for expanding business online. The advantage of postling is you will get an alert if name of your organization or product or brand is mentioned on web. You can easily monitor peoples and brands. likewise postling also allows you share your content simultaneously on different accounts. Price of postling is $1 for one month with unlimited usage, after that it is $10 per month for the 5 social networking accounts.

Bitly social media management tool

Bitly social media monitoring


Bitly is free social media management tool which can track clicks. It can work on your accounts for shortening links and keeping track of your favourite posts. Bitly also having various options like bookmarking favourite pages and sites,realtime analytics. Bitly is available free of cost.

SocialFlow social media management tool

SocialFlow social media management tool


SocialFlow is mainly preferred for targeting the prime time and prime users. This social media strategy building tool track the online user and their behaviour Which ultimately helps to decide when we can share the content for maximum reach.

Socialflow charges starts from $99/month.

Twitter Showdown social media management tool

Twitter Showdown social media management tool

Twitter Showdown

Twitter Showdown gives advantage of comparing two accounts, that gives head to head analysis with the competitors. comparing two accounts it show us follower to following ratio, twit engagement,mentions per tweets. Having analysed data of competitors you can easily bounce back. Twitter showdown is available free of cost to everyone.

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