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How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages/Chat History

Whatsapp is one of the most famous Smartphone messenger App in the world . It has numerous options like real time chatting, group chatting, media sharing etc. Whatsapp additionally offers some hidden options that the majority of the users does not know. Have you ever puzzled the way to recover deleted Whatsapp message/chat history? The […]

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How to be creative with your Smartphone?

There was a time, when phones were simply the means of communication, the company used to manufacture all the same models with the same features. Little variation could be the ringtones or one or two already installed themes on those phones. But, as the technology seeped in and took over the world, it generated a […]

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Smartphone Tips – Make the most out of your Smartphone

Smartphone Tips – Today the Smartphones have changed our way of living. Now a day most of us have got Smartphones, varying from budget to high end Smartphones. These devices can be very useful if you could use them efficiently. They can help us in many ways for eg- planning of activities, scheduling reminders, being […]

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