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10 Android Tips and Tricks you should know

10 Android Tips and Tricks: Android is an operating system used for mobile phones. Android was founded in October, 2003 and in 2008 first android phone was released. Today they have total of 45% (appx.) android phone users world wide. After seeing its ongoing popularity I am here with an article on Android Tips and […]

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Nokia comes with Dual SIM android

At last the wait ends. Here come Nokia’s first Android phones with Dual SIM technology. The Nokia X, X+, XL powered by Microsoft and Nokia services.These phones having preloaded Nokia + Microsoft’s apps. Nokia will not be launching X1, X+ and XL in the market of US, Canada, Korea and Japan. Nokia is looking forward […]

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How to download paid android apps for free

In this article we are going to learn how to download paid android apps for free. One of the primary cause to use android phone is that this os provides plenty of free applications. I think nobody wants to pay money for any application, but what happen when we like some paid application but don’t […]

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