How to speed up computer and delete unwanted files

Many times you have observed that your computers speed getting slower, Because of after using computer your hard drive get filled up with many temporary files, unwanted files and sometimes viruses. For that we have purchased an antivirus for removing such threats and speed up the computer’s speed. Rather purchase any antivirus, I will tell you some tricks and techniques that How to speed up computer and delete unwanted files and make your PC run faster.

Other reasons to slow down the speed:

  • Usused Programs
  • Not enough available space on the hard drive
  • Temporary files
  • Many startup or background running program
  • Hard disk fragmentation
  • Outdated drivers

Whatever the reason behind slow down the speed, there are so many ways to speed up computer and delete unwanted files.

Follow the Steps for How to speed up computer and delete unwanted files.

Step: 1

  • Go to start menu and click on run

windows run

  • Type %temp% and click on Ok


  • Now you will see an open window with a bunch of files, select all files with ctrl+A and delete it with shift+delete

temporary files

  • Now there are some system files, which you are not allowed to delete so skip these files.

Skip files

Step: 2

  • Click on start -> all programs -> accessories –> system tools -> disk cleanup or just click on start and search disk cleanup

Disk cleanup

  • Choose your drive to cleanup

choose drive

  • Now you will see disk cleanup window, it will take a few minutes to calculating, after completed check all boxes under files to delete unwanted files and then click on Ok

disk cleanup check boxes

This is the manual techniques. If you want to do automatic speed up computer and delete unwanted files there are so many tools available in the market which are very helpful, following are some nice tools to use.


To download Ccleaner from official site click here. Using ccleaner you can delete junk, temp files and fix registry errors.


Microsoft Fix it

To download Microsoft fix it from official site click here.

microsoft fix it


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This is how to speed up computer and delete unwanted files, do comment if facing any issues. 


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  1. Sam Hunt says:

    Shailesh, your article was very helpful. I particularly appreciate the screenshots, since I need visuals to get a good understanding. It has always been difficult for me to determine what files are unwanted. I have a fear of deleting a core system file, so I tend to rely on registry cleaning software for that. Seems like this could be a disaster if the wrong file got deleted.

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