Google Patent Tiny Contact Lens Camera

google tiny contact lensAfter Google Glass Google has Patent Tiny Contact Lens Camera. Forget having a camera in your pocket.This time Google has come with a new application, As a recently revealed patent show, that Google’s plan of a lens with a small camera embedded, together with photographing what a wearer user sees, or providing the basic input for a contact based helpful device for the visually impaired. After Google Glass Google intents to make Cameras which is just a part of your body. Google explains that its futuristic device, for example flag risky objects within the path of a user and even extend his vision. Google has previously elaborated an idea to create sensible contacts that could be measured level of blood sugar in diabetics, and give constant feedback to both user(wearer) and their doctor.

Features of Embedded Tiny Contact Lens Camera.

  • The uses of this contact lens could also helpful to the medical field
  • Using input from the camera to identify obstacles and alert a user Who has vision issues
  • They could also offer vision augmentation for individuals with every kind of ocular health
  • Using different blink patterns that camera(situated on contact lens) would shoot photos of whatever it is you are looking at and send those photos to connected device
  • Using face recognition it could also inform to a blind person if a friend is walking nearby. Also, its helpful for enforcement officers checking to envision if potential suspects area unit already on their records
  • Also It has inbuilt Zoom in features

Internal view of Tiny Contact Lens Camera System by Patent bolt

patent bold google tiny contact lens

The application, noticed by the Patent Bolt website, It explains that how this lens made up using Image sensor, Camera and control unit could assist a blind man approaching an intersection. Process visual info from the immediate surroundings, the lens could communicate with the user via audible signals delivered through a Smartphone, indicating if and once it’s safe to cross the road. Using a static electricity charger the contact lens obtains power.

At the current time, Google is not thought to possess any release plans for any of this contact lens system, but the Google has administrated variety of clinical research studies to realize a much better understanding of its potential.

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  1. Abhilesh Wankhede says:

    hey dude..Very nice post
    impressed by ur work..hatsoff to google… Thaks for sharing..

  2. I read the patent application filed by the Google for this tech on the very same day of publication. It is amazing and this one is another feature that Google is going to use in its lens project.

    I have written an article on it also. You can read it here


  3. Johnk164 says:

    Great article post.Really thank you! Fantastic. gaddeccgkdee

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