Eat, Pray, Love, Journey and Friendship- #JodeyDilonKo

trainI was amazed when i looked at notice board and noticed that, this year Industrial Visit  is to North India. It was something peaceful that i read after a hectic semester. Time went in convincing some friends but some were willing to come. Though journey with friends is a fun always. We all assembled at Bandra terminus and finally our journey commenced to the capital of Punjab-Chandigarh. Train arrived at chandigarh station next day at 2pm. Our luggage took another hour to reach us to our bus arranged for us outside chandigarh station. While in train I noticed as how Friends turn into our Families. They took care of each other. They help with small small things – such as sharing of blankets. Night gossips, tea at stations, photos at station are part of us now. They were the Best memories ever. ( visit for untold new stories)

rock garden

I saw the city. It had the usual Indian elements like autos, packed public buses, hassled traffic cops and tiny shops. We reached our hotel. It was an amazing feeling to stay in five star hotel. We visited ROCK garden after the lunch. It had different article made up of stones. A day ended with a Delicious dinner. The temperature   had declined by now. We all were added with clothes that would keep us warm.

shimlaSHIMLA- our next spot. Now the temperature had dropped to minus. Whatever we wore was insufficient. We were frozen but were amazed to see the vitality. Traveled through hills. Vomiting the worst part we all faced. But as every journey is a history. Himachal was quite and calm. We could see the  beauty of “DEV BHUMI” on the top of the hills. All of us holding each others hands. One occupied a corner seat, as he wasn’t in the condition to absorb the cold. Some were enjoying snow fall was an awesome experience. I had seen it for first time in my life. Really cant forgot that gathering in one’s room and sharing one blanket. We would find a place close to the heater. These frosty nights have become a beautiful memories .


As at the beginning all of us were not familiar to each other but after this visit, we all had a good bond between us. We all understood each other and staying with your classmate long from Mumbai was the best experience. Yes but of-course there were some arguments , some misunderstandings, some new crushes, new relationships etc. 

Finally it was the last stop of our visit Amritsar. Jallianwala baug massacre, the hardest grief for Indian people. Wegolden temple reached there. It is become a public spot now. No other place can give us the best LASSI. We were in Punjab, so lassi is expected. Golden Temple the best place in Amritsar to visit. People come here from the different states of the country. We reached our hotel we packed our bags. Now our luggage had gained additional weight. It had sweet & memorable memories and feeling of good friendship (and that is we called  #JodeyDilonKo experience).  I oscillated my mind in the thoughts, that if I would have never know the importance of friends and good relationship….

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