How to download movies from BitTorrent

Download movies from BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a software which support peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to download and upload large amount of data over the internet. It is the common protocols for transfering large file over internet. Rather than downloading a file from one supply server, the BitTorrent protocol permits users to affix a “swarm” of hosts to transfer and upload from each another at the same time. The protocol is an alternate to the older single supply, multiple mirror sources technique for distributing information, and may beat up networks with lower information measure. Using the BitTorrent protocol, many basic computers, like home computers, will replace giant servers whereas with efficiency distributing files to several recipients.

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Why torrents are better than any other direct downloads

  • Torrents continually offer higher transfer speed, particularly for well seeded ones.
  • Torrents with several sources turn out a lot of quicker speeds and might simply goop your download capabilities
  • Before downloading a torrent, one will see its rating and the way several votes and downloaders there have been,scan user’s comments on the torrent, check however previously was it shared, and plenty of alternative choices and parameters which will facilitate one opt for the correct strategy towards the torrent
  • There are not any restrictions on many downloads right away, and there’s no waiting between consecutive downloads

 Top 5 torrents sites






Follow the steps for How to download movies from BitTorrent

To download BitTorrent from official website Click here

STEP 1 Download and install BitTorrent



Above I mentioned 5 top torrent download sites from which you can download torrent file, I preferred , open torrentz site

open torrentz


Type movie name which you want to download in search bar and click on search

type movie name


Now you will see so many torrent, you can sort out these torrents with size, rating, date and quality. Choose any file as per your requirement and click on it

choose any one torrent


Now you see many torrent download locations from which you should select any one, I preferred or or

choose any one location


After selected location site click on download .torrent, it will take 5-10 second to download once it completed open that file

download torrent


Now immediately you will see BitTorrent with Add new torrent window. Brows download path and check on Skip hash check and then click on OK

brows location


That’s it, now enjoy with downloading best quality free movies from BitTorrent. 

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