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Top 5 gaming consoles of 2017

If one wants to experience the 21st century gaming experience at its best, he would require an input referred to as a “gaming console” that is a multimedia device specifically used for playing games. The gaming console is attached to a TV set or computer that acts as the gaming screen. Gaming consoles usually provide […]

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How to recover deleted files/folders from Laptop, computer

In this article we are going to learn How to recover deleted files/folders from Laptop, computer using free data recovery software. If you have deleted an essential file, it should appear initially that it’s gone forever. But if you do something quickly to recover that file, then you will be able to restore deleted files […]

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How to control your Computer using Android phone

In this article we are going to see How to control your Computer using Android phone. Many people use the quality keyboard and mouse, or some reasonably cobbled-together version of the two to manage a media computer from a distance. Neither choice is especially smart. You will purchase a 3rd, dearer choice within the sort […]

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4 Best Cloud Storage / Web-Based Storage Services with Comparison

Cloud storage has become popular these days and become integral part of our technical,modern-mobile lives. Nowadays, more and more individuals having multiple computing devices like tablets, laptops, Smartphones. The thought of your information being secured away within your desktop PC looks old-fashioned and outdated. Cloud storage has given us a modern approach to storage, making […]

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Google Glass the first wearable computer

Google Glass Google has always come up with new innovative ideas related to technologies. Recently google come up with yet one more innovation named “Google Glass”. Google Glass is one in all the foremost hyped and anticipated comes from Google. Google continually tries to push the boundaries of our technology and Google Glass is no exception. […]

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How to Access / Open blocked sites in offices/schools/colleges

Open Blocked sites in office, colleges & school with 7 helpful tricks. Many colleges, schools and workplace blocked websites for college students & employees. Even our favorite websites like FACEBOOK, TORRENT, twitter are becoming blocked nowadays. There are several tricks out there to open blocked websites. If you search for Open Blocked sites , you will get […]

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How to skip to the next song using Samsung headphones

This post is about how to skip to the next song using Samsung headphones. I have used lots of Nokia Symbian OS mobiles, particularly the S60 and other ones. The simplest thing I liked regarding those phones was the music management buttons on the headphones. After I switched to Samsung Android, the primary issue I […]

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