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Google Patent Tiny Contact Lens Camera

After Google Glass Google has Patent Tiny Contact Lens Camera. Forget having a camera in your pocket.This time Google has come with a new application, As a recently revealed patent show, that Google’s plan of a lens with a small camera embedded, together with photographing what a wearer user sees, or providing the basic input […]

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Google Glass the first wearable computer

Google Glass Google has always come up with new innovative ideas related to technologies. Recently google come up with yet one more innovation named “Google Glass”. Google Glass is one in all the foremost hyped and anticipated comes from Google. Google continually tries to push the boundaries of our technology and Google Glass is no exception. […]

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Nokia comes with Dual SIM android

At last the wait ends. Here come Nokia’s first Android phones with Dual SIM technology. The Nokia X, X+, XL powered by Microsoft and Nokia services.These phones having preloaded Nokia + Microsoft’s apps. Nokia will not be launching X1, X+ and XL in the market of US, Canada, Korea and Japan. Nokia is looking forward […]

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