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Best Android Phones Under Rs 5000

As the budget phone segment is witnessing a huge competition, manufacturers compete to capture the market share that is large and is battled for. In this intense competition, consumers are the ultimate winners and are reaping huge rewards. Even the under 5k phones in India have become highly sophisticated with a lot of added features […]

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10 Android Tips and Tricks you should know

10 Android Tips and Tricks: Android is an operating system used for mobile phones. Android was founded in October, 2003 and in 2008 first android phone was released. Today they have total of 45% (appx.) android phone users world wide. After seeing its ongoing popularity I am here with an article on Android Tips and […]

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How To Format/Reset Android Phone In 3 Different Ways

Need For Reset/Format Androids OS is very much popular operating system in the world. Android phones are one among the largest competitors for apple IOS. We all know that why android phones are that much popular. Play store provides thousands of free android apps. However, generally excessive installation of those applications slows down the phone. […]

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How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages/Chat History

Whatsapp is one of the most famous Smartphone messenger App in the world . It has numerous options like real time chatting, group chatting, media sharing etc. Whatsapp additionally offers some hidden options that the majority of the users does not know. Have you ever puzzled the way to recover deleted Whatsapp message/chat history? The […]

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How To Hide/Remove/Unlist Number From Truecaller App

If you get a call from unknown number and you want to know that person’s name we simply use Trucaller to identify the unknown callers. Millions of people use Truecaller to find an unknown caller’s name. It doesn’t rely on any mobile service operators to spot the numbers. So from where did they get all […]

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Best Mobile Apps For Women Safety (2014)

As we all know that the women safety condition in India is deteriorating day by day. There many ways, through which a women’s safety security can be attacked, for example, eve stalking, molestation, sexual assault, acid attacks, etc. Many of the women need to stay out of the home late night due to job, some […]

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Top Free Photo Editing Apps For Android Phones

In this article I am going to share with you Top Free Photo Editing Apps For Android Phones. Editing photos means to apply some changes on an Image or painting. images typically do not look pretty much as good as they could unless you apply that editing touch. Since the general public use their smartphones […]

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