10 Android Tips and Tricks you should know

10 Android Tips and Tricks:

Android is an operating system used for mobile phones. Android was founded in October, 2003 and in 2008 first android phone was released. Today they have total of 45% (appx.) android phone users world wide. After seeing its ongoing popularity I am here with an article on Android Tips and Tricks.

1) Reboot Android Forcefully:

Many of times our android phone get slow down , hang all the time and does not respond. To come arrive from this situation just reboot your device forcefully by using some key combinations. To reboot , press Power key + Home key + Volume up key together.

2) Take Screenshots:

On computer there is a print screen key (prtsc) , by simply pressing it you can get the screenshots. But in android phone there is no shortkey but a simple way is there. To take screenshot in android phone all we need to do is just press the power button + volume up key simultaneously but some android phone doesn’t work on that combination . So. I am introducing one more way i.e. press the Home key + Power button simultaneously.

3) Android Version Animation:

You don’t know your android version, not to worry. Here is a vey simple trick to know your android version, just go to Settings > About phone > Tab repeatedly on Android version, after sometime an animated android version name will appear .

4) Track Lost Android Phone:

In case you lost your Android phone, Google offers a feature of tracking your phone. To enable the tracking system, just open Android Device Manager,you will see a map with your current mobile location. But this will not work in case your mobile is not connected to internet.

Android Tips and Tricks

5) Format Your Android Phone:

There is two ways of formatting android phones.

Factory Reset:

Factory Reset will reset your phone. After resetting all the settings and internet data will be lost. To factory reset, just press *#*#7780#*#*.

Hard Reset:

Hard reset will delete both your internet and external data. And also reset all settings of your android device. To hard reset, just press *2767*3855#  …..Read more

6) Unlock Android Phone by Face Detection:

Android has added a new feature with their Jelly bean version with which you can Unlock your phone by your face only. To enable this Face detection technique go to Settings -> Screen lock -> Face unlock.

7) Hide Files or Folders Using Android:

For security reasons if user wants to hide some files or folders in their android phones. There is a trick in android to hide files or folders is just rename that file or folder with dot (.) at the beginning.

8) End Call with Button Press:

In android phone many of time users has to wait while disconnecting calls to get screen wakeup. To handle this android provides a feature by which you can disconnect calls with a button. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Power Button End Calls.

9) Switch Profiles Easily:

Switch profile from General to Silent and vice versa is very easy. To change profile from General to Silent just press volume down button till volume turns off and to switch from Silent to General profile press volume up button till volume turns on completely.

10) Root an Android Phone Easily:

There is some limitations from the building time of phone to overcome Root is a process. Rooting is able to alter settings and ayatem applications. Rooting will void manufacturer warrantly.

So these are the Best 10 Android Tips and Tricks which you should know, I hope you like this article and want more from us on Android, we will post some more tips and tricks on Android so stay tuned with us. If you know any best Tips or Trick other than above 10 tricks then please share with us using below comment box.

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